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Business Intelligence and information support

Building business relations with new partners, investing in little-known assets or acquiring them entails economic and reputational risks. High level of awareness of our clients about their contractors, competitors and business environment in general allows them to make optimum decisions, assess and control risks.

  • Investigative Due Diligence. Verification involves collecting and analyzing of the maximum information necessary to make an informed decision regarding potential partners.
  • Pre-eployment screening. By recruiting new employees, the client should be completely sure that the information declared by the applicant is completely correct. The CPI’s operation methods allow for a complete verification of the submitted data. 

  • Sanctions Compliance. Sanctions against Russian legal entities and individuals, sectoral sanctions, as well as Russian anti-sanction actions, require special discretion of foreign companies working with Russian partners. Our team regularly checks potential and current partners of our clients for their inclusion in the sanctions lists. We have extensive experience identifying concealed beneficiaries and attempting to circumvent sanctions restrictions.
  • Litigation Support. Our experts are ready to provide a full range of information support throughout the life cycle of litigation. We are ready to support the identification of potential witnesses, the search for evidence for litigation, as well as the search for assets of individuals and legal entities.
  • Our clients also turn to us for assistance in carrying out Know Your Client procedures (KYC), Screening of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) as well as the definition of Politically exposed person (PEP).



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