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Public and Government relations


The negative image of the company can become a serious obstacle to the interaction of parties interested in cooperation with the company (public authorities, regulatory authorities, private and public companies).

Obstacles may arise when promoting investment projects, interacting with regional elites, finding partners among state-owned companies, and in other situations related to the need to conduct business in Russia.

The Center for Political Information is ready to offer a number of individual solutions aimed at improving the company's image and building a communication system with interested groups.

Many years of experience working with leading representatives of the media, the expert community and representatives of state authorities allows us to organize information campaigns of any complexity to fulfill a wide range of image tasks. Among the main areas of work:

Corporate PR:

  • Analysis and implementation of measures to improve the company's image in the media.
  • Organization of media campaigns.
  • Neutralization of negative information causes.
  • Interaction with public organizations in the companys interests.

Government Relations:

  • Establishment of effective communication with public authorities at the federal and regional levels in the interests of the client.
  • Support in the segment of industrial lobbying.






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