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The experts of the Center for Media

Mukhin Alexey Alexeyevich

Spheres of his professional interests include:

  • political analysis (analysis of political processes);
  • formation, behavior, and psychology of elites;
  • the military reform and the reform of the Russian intelligence services;
  • state agencies and the administrative reform in the Russian Federation;
  • national security;
  • economic risks;
  • organized crime.

Luneva Anna Vladimirovna

Spheres of her professional interests include:

  • alignment of forces in the key industries (oil, gas, etc.);
  • problems of the oil and gas sector and metallurgy;
  • political processes in the CIS space;
  • political regionalistics;
  • electoral processes in modern Russia;
  • GR and lobbying in modern Russia;
  • development of civil society institutions in Russia and use of PR-technology in public policy.
Lavnichenko Maxim Nikolaevich


Spheres of his professional interests include: 

  • Evaluation of country risk in the activity of economic entities;
  • Relations between the authorities, business and society;
  • Industry lobbying and GR;
  • Fuel and energy complex of Russia;
  • Combating financial fraud and corruption.

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