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The Center for Political Information (CPI) has been providing consulting services for more than 25 years in accordance with international standards in the field of Corporate intelligence, political analysis, and also PR and GR communications. The key objective of the Center is to reduce the client's business risks. The center was formed as a research group in 1992. In February 1997, the official registration phase was completed.

Since 1997, the center’s experts have issued more than 9,000 analytical reports, references and newsletters. Including analyzes and forecasts of macroeconomic development, studies of state structures and private companies, biographical notes and dossiers of key persons in Russian politics and economics, as well as studies on a wide range of domestic and foreign policy issues.
In 2001-2004, the CPI began to conduct analytical monitoring on key topics of the Russian political and economic agenda - “Balance of power in government”, “Prospects for the activities of some Russian companies” and “Foreign policy balance of power ”. Since the second half of the 2000s, the development of the oil and gas grid of Russia has been analyzed by the Center’s experts in the framework of monitoring “Igor Sechin and state regulation of the fuel and energy complex” and “Current balance of power and influence groups in the Russian oil and gas complex”. The Center also issues specialized monitoring “Relations between business and the state” and “Situational analysis of the development of the situation in the Arctic region”.

Since 2008, the CPI has been developing the direction of corporate intelligence and business information support. In this area, a wide layer of large and medium-sized companies representing all sectors of the economy is covered.

Since 2012, Alexey Mukhin and CPI experts have released and presented several dozen resonant public reports and large-scale studies. For example, the books “Justification of Eurasian Integration” (2015) and “Vladimir Putin: is Mister P?” (2015), which in 2018 was released in the United States in English under the name The Pharaoh, as well as the book “The Test of the Kremlin: Diagnostics of the Political System 2011-2017” (2018).

CPI regularly takes an active part in the activities of various authorities and departments of the Russian Federation as a consultant and developer of certain topics.

In the media rating of “Medialogy” - “Top-25 analytical centers of Russia in 2019” - CPI took 12th place.

CPI’s clients in Russia are the largest oil and gas companies, banking organizations, consulting companies and embassies of foreign countries on the territory of the Russian Federation. CPI’s clients in the international market are multinational corporations and leading consulting companies in Great Britain and the United States, specializing in risk assessment.

Our advantages:

  • We involve industry experts and consultants with successful experience in government bodies, industrial enterprises, public organizations and specialized structures.
  • We have a wide network of informed sources in the post-Soviet space: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan.
  • We use advanced IT solutions for analyzing large amounts of information (including information on offshore jurisdictions, media archives, government statistics).
  • We dispose a base of already-made projects and solutions. This base is unique in the Russian market.



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