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One of the main activities of the Centre is analytical researches on a wide range of social, political and economic issues. The researches cover the whole territory of Russia, as well as the CIS countries and Mongolia.

The following subjects are of special interest:

  • Analyses and forecasts of macroeconomic development;
  • Researches of government agencies and private companies;
  • Biographic notes and dossiers of key persons of the Russian politics and economy;
  • Political analyses on the subjects of party building, industrial power verticals, , lobbyism, etc.;
  • Researches of activity of defense and law enforcement agencies;
  • Assessment of the key trends of international relations
Since the early 2000s, the Centre has carried out more than 500 researches on the mentioned and other subjects. Many of them have been translated into English.

Conducting a research, the Centres experts work with both open and closed sources of information, including federal, regional and local mass media, state statistics, data of departmental registers, etc. In addition, the Centre regularly attracts industry experts and consultants who have successful experience in government bodies, industrial companies and public organizations. This approach allows the Centre providing the most complete, impartial and unbiassed presentation of a subject researched in accordance with individual wishes and requirements of the client.


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