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Political Analysis and Consulting

Exposure of business or investment to political risks should be taken into account in many stages of decision-making. Political risk factors are considered not only in risk management, but also in the generation of strategies and scenarios of business development and modeling of external relations (including with the authorities).

The following issues are important when dealing with political risks:

  • short-, medium- and long-term prospects of preservation of a stable political regime and legal framework;
  • social and economic conditions in the regions of a company’s business presence;
  • the probability of a change of the national economic policy, including in terms of nationalization, privatization, and interventions;
  • the influence of individual political figures and/or big business owners on regulation of to regulate the targeted industries.

The solutions of the Center for Political Information in sphere of reduction of political risks include analytical monitoring, case studies, as well as consulting services on a wide range of nuts-and-bolts matters.

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